Sweet Gregory P's Smokehouse Grill

Howdy there! Welcome to our site! My name is Greg Provine. My  wife, Miriam, and I have worked most of our lives in the hotel/hospitality industry in Dallas. Sick of "working for the man" we decided to go it on our own. Moving from a Meggggaplex of 4 million people to the little fishing community of Port Mansfield Texas, population of around 400, no make that 402!! We fell in love with the gulf coast area and have been coming to the coast for years for vacation. When Miriam "got hooked" on fishing, I knew that we would soon be here for good! 

Our goal is to #1, have FUN, using my experience as an executive chef to cook up some awesome grub, adding to this wonderful little sleepy town, and making it, not only a destination for some of the finest sport fishing in the nation, but a place " you have to go" to eat some awesome food" We will be open WAY early to feed those hungry fishermen before they battle the big fish.  We will also have to -go lunch packages for them to pick up when they eat breakfast. Simple and easy- pre-order the night before then pick them up in the morning when you pick up your piggy-sized breakfast burritos and coffee.  We will also be open for lunch servin up some awesome BBQ. 

We are gonna be a fun place to hang out for breakfast, lunch, or just a tea and  home made dessert! " Simple and easy--" is the name of the game,,, Everything is served up on butcher paper or in to-go stuff!! We LOVE making awesome Q, but hate washin' dishes!! Meats are served by the oz. or pound. Easy as can be, just let us know what you want and we will weigh it up for you. (as little as one rib or a slice of brisket, OR POUNDS of meat) however hungry you are. If you leave in the same condition, it's your own dang fault.